Create a legacy of giving to children, empowering youth,women  and orphans who need help the most. Donate today. No amount is considered to be small or too little.

To be part of the Divine Help Foundation, please send in your donations directly to the Foundation’s Bank Account  either monthly, quarterly or annually and you automatically become a member.

All Donations should be sent directly to:
Account Name: Divine Hope Foundation
Account Number:
Bankers: E

Or Make Donations online. >>Click Here<<

Sponsor a widow/orphan:

Get in touch with us today and sponsor a widow or orphan. Sponsoring a child or widow will create a bond that will last a long time. Your friendship and encouragement will definitely make a huge difference in the life of your sponsored child or widow and simultaneously elevating Hope Soars’s impact and willingness to serve better.

Be a Divine Hope Foundation  volunteer:

As a volunteer, you can help spread awareness about Hope Soars’s work throughout your community and beyond. This is an opportunity for you to donate your time and enthusiasm towards our aim to put smile on every widow, orphan and children’s face. Get started today, and make a serious impact for widows and orphans in need. To volunteer, Click here

Join hands with like-minded people in bringing to life events, programmes or activities organised for the widows and orphans by volunteering in organizing these events. The widows and orphans need your help. Help them live a better life, they deserve it.

Join the Conversation:

A great way to get involved is to stay in touch with the latest on all our activities. Read stories of our work on our blog. Also stay tuned to our Newsflash to get all the latest news and upcoming events and activities of the foundation. Post comments on our Blog Posts, Like us on Facebook to talk with other volunteers, sponsors, supporters and ask questions. By sharing your Hope Soars experience, you will inspire others to sponsor a widow or orphan and forever save/change a life. Volunteer at any russian mail order bride of our upcoming events, and spread the word about sponsorship to your friends and family, co-workers, religious group, political group e.t.c. and change a widow/orphan’s life.

“Learn to do right! Seek justice and encourage the oppressed.
Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow”
Isaiah 1:17.